3 Psychedelics Mathematically Proven to ‘Elevate’ Consciousness

LSD, Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms), and Ketamine have been part of the counter-culture for decades, with evidence that they are used more commonly across a wide class of people than many would have imagined. Business tycoons, artists, professional athletes, and Silicon Valley powerhouses like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are all famous for experimenting with LSD, … Continue reading 3 Psychedelics Mathematically Proven to ‘Elevate’ Consciousness


What is meant by the term ‘Non-Duality?’ Non-duality is the translation of the Sanskrit word Advaita (a-dvaita). This refers to the ancient Hindu philosophy called Advaita Vedanta, the essence of which is: creation and creator are one (not two). For thousands of years and in all great cultures this essence has been the deepest universal … Continue reading Non-Duality