The deviousness called psychiatry

“Psychiatry does more than define mental disorders. It purports to describe actual states of mind, and it coalesces and freezes those descriptions in such a way that people believe these states of mind exist. They don’t. They’re fictions. Fantasies. This is an enormous landscape of consciousness-programming. It’s actually reduction. Like many systems before it, psychiatry … Continue reading The deviousness called psychiatry

Calling forth real revolution? A lifestyle audit

Real revolution starts from within. There can be no outward revolution without an inward revolution to start the fire. The word revolution derives from the word ‘evolution’, a process of growing awareness. So ‘re’volution is a return, a revisiting, of a state of growing awareness. In this case, a dynamic state, as per the revolution … Continue reading Calling forth real revolution? A lifestyle audit

#Weknowyoursalary; Calling forth the revolution

The entire nation is on tenterhooks with its collective heart in its mouth, waiting with bated breath. And for several reasons. This article won’t go into those reasons, but it will dive into how to swallow the red pill of our heart. It will go into ways to jumpstart our inert complacency into proactive, regime-toppling, … Continue reading #Weknowyoursalary; Calling forth the revolution