Normal people.

The strange thing is that if almost everyone in the group is normotic, the pathology is seen as normal and healthy, which makes the person in the group who isn’t subscribing to being normotic appear to be ab-normal, the one with the pathology.

The Fourth Monkey; the true wise man

There is an ancient adage and image that depicts the thinking and being of people through a series of archetypal monkeys; Hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil. Commonly known as The Wise Monkeys or The Three Wise Monkeys they are typically depicted sitting next to each other in a row. One covers its eyes, … Continue reading The Fourth Monkey; the true wise man

Idiots, Zealots, Elitists and Patriots: The 4 Monkeys of Modern Society

Characterized by how they respond to information, modern societies are made up of four archetypes of people — idiots, zealots, elitists and patriots. Idiots refuse information, zealots refute information, elitists misuse information and patriots seek and distribute information. These archetypes are true of patriarchal societies around the world, and has probably been the case since Homo habilis was a … Continue reading Idiots, Zealots, Elitists and Patriots: The 4 Monkeys of Modern Society

Escaping an abusive relationship

Abusive relationships where the abuser is a transparently horrible monster don’t tend to last long, because it becomes obvious to the victim very quickly that they need to head for the door. The ones that last are the ones where the abuser is an adept manipulator, who is able to elicit sympathy and attachment in … Continue reading Escaping an abusive relationship

How George Floyd protests are activating a Police State

Killed for holding a baseball bat. Killed for opening the front door. Killed for being a child in a car pursued by police. Killed for approaching police while holding a metal spoon. Killed for running in an aggressive manner while holding a tree branch.

I can’t breathe; can you?

til we dig deep and find what all of this external stuff is attaching to and easily manipulating within us, this cycle will wash, rinse and repeat. The external is an extension of what’s within.

To Have or To Be? That is the question

‘Because we have freed ourselves of the older overt forms of authority, we do not see that we have become the prey of a new kind of authority. We have become automatons who live under the illusion of being self-willing individuals. The German-born humanistic philosopher and social psychologist Erich Fromm spent most of his working … Continue reading To Have or To Be? That is the question