Geniuses, Radicals and Sages: It’s Time to Break Free

The hypnosis of social conditioning is hard to escape. You’ve got to be an intellectual and spiritual outlaw. If you want to break free from tyranny, war, oppression, and all its cousins, you’ve got to be either a sage, a genius, or a radical thinker. There’s no escaping this fact, but paradoxically, owning these traits … Continue reading Geniuses, Radicals and Sages: It’s Time to Break Free

Save Us From Freedom!

Freedom once meant something significant for mankind. It meant ceasing to be suppressed and imprisoned by forces that endeavour to control one. The word ‘freedom’ conjured a sense of what it means, at least to some degree, to be master of one’s destiny. No longer, for many, the new freedom has almost exactly the opposite … Continue reading Save Us From Freedom!

Who I Write For

Consciousness. Freedom. Power. The individual. Imagination. Creating new realities. Society and civilization as a potential force for helping to liberate the individual. Who do I write for? I write for people who recognize they can do something for themselves and others, who can improve their lives and consciousness and power. I write for people who … Continue reading Who I Write For

3 ways to overcome the system

Here’s the thing: starting a revolution is a daunting task. Being a revolution, really living it, is still challenging, but it’s considerably less daunting. Raging against the machine has its place, and it can be fun as hell pissing in the Cocoa Puffs of the powers-that-be , but when it comes down to it, rebellious … Continue reading 3 ways to overcome the system