Why non-conformity is a great asset.

In most of the great works of dystopian science fiction and cinema there’s a recurring theme of mass conformity to uncomfortably rigid and enforced social norms. The hero in these stories is always the lone individual who finds it unbearable to subjugate his autonomy to the herd. As much as he understands the consequences for … Continue reading Why non-conformity is a great asset.

Why do you keep retelling your story?

The stories that we attach to and define ourselves with, can be detrimental to our well-being and success. Many people have gotten caught in a loop of drama, chaos, and suffering because they keep attaching to and retelling their story


The word MA’AT means, “THAT WHICH IS STRAIGHT, RIGHT, TRUE, SINCERE AND HONEST. Also MA’AT is the principle connected in the ancient symbol of The Ancient Egyptian Order, the pyramid with the LOTUS FLOWER in the center surrounded by THE THREE SUNS OF THE TRIAD OF TIME.THE THREE POINTS OF THE PYRAMID ARE THE THREE … Continue reading MAAT

Broadening the story; The ten virtues of Ancient African Culture

Now, the unrestrained man or woman in the temple is like a tree grown in infertile ground. Its leaves wither quickly and its unripe fruit falls to the earth. It reaches its end in the lumber yard or it is floated far from its place. And its burial cloth becomes a flame of fire. But … Continue reading Broadening the story; The ten virtues of Ancient African Culture