Nothing to Fear

With the support of Mother Earth and the Creator I now emanate from my soul sacred waves of light carrying compassion to empower the compassion of the Creator within every person upon the Earth. The Earth is a space of compassion and love eternally; this is our collective experience. As we awaken to the truth … Continue reading Nothing to Fear

10 Superfood Powders and How They Benefit Your Health

As a rule of thumb, half of every meal you eat should be made up of nutrient-rich superfoods, such as fruits and vegetables. When you eat a healthy diet over a long term, you’re more likely to prevent chronic illness, such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes and cancer. Yet, most people don’t eat sufficient amounts … Continue reading 10 Superfood Powders and How They Benefit Your Health

Informed Consent: A Vital and Basic Human Right for Our Health Freedom

In the modern-day, informed consent is one of the most pressing issues/concerns with regard to our health freedom. Informed consent is defined as having the right to make informed choices while knowing the risks involved when offered medical treatment. Further, whether it’s as a patient or a participating subject for medical research, individuals involved should … Continue reading Informed Consent: A Vital and Basic Human Right for Our Health Freedom

Perpetual Fear of the Next Health ‘Crisis’

If you haven’t already noticed, there’s an agenda at play every year to keep people in a state of fear. Many of you are likely becoming very receptive to the extent of the psychological operation being played out in the mainstream media and one which the alternative media is willfully piggybacking on to further condition … Continue reading Perpetual Fear of the Next Health ‘Crisis’

Who Owns Diseases?

—All right, look, here’s what we’ll do. We’ll take a few general symptoms like fatigue, fever, and swelling, and we’ll invent one new disease label that covers them. We’ll say this is a specific new disease and we’re looking for the cause. Of course, there is no single cause because this isn’t a single disease. … Continue reading Who Owns Diseases?

Newspeak and double think

We are told what to think almost every day. We are less often taught how to think. From mainstream media to social media. From “real” news to “fake” news. From Facebook political pokes to Twitter Trumpisms. It’s getting more and more difficult to navigate the wide-open waters of the information age. But when it comes … Continue reading Newspeak and double think