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Broadening the story: The CUP

With Reason (Logos), not with hands, did the World-maker make the universal World; so that thou should-st think of him as everywhere and ever-being, the Author of all things, and One and Only, who by His Will all beings hath created.This Body of Him is a thing no man can touch, or see, or measure,… Continue reading Broadening the story: The CUP

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Race versus Ethnicity

What does science say about race? Traditional notions about distinct racial differences have little scientific foundation. In short, racism is not just morally wrong; it has no basis in fact. What is ethnicity? Ethnicity is state of belonging to a social group that has a common national or cultural tradition.[1] This is, by definition, a fluid… Continue reading Race versus Ethnicity

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100 things you didn’t know about Ancient Africa

In 2013, a controversy played out in the media when viewers of The Bible miniseries were upset that Samson was played by a black man. This was the most accurate depiction of Samson in film so far. This statement may sound controversial but archeology, history, and the text prove it to be true. So without… Continue reading 100 things you didn’t know about Ancient Africa

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Do You Have an Inferiority Complex?

Most of us compare ourselves to others. Mass media beams in the finest looking, richest, and most talented people into our lives 24/7. This creates the illusion that we 'know' all these beautiful, clever, younger, athletic, rich, able people. Because we compare ourselves to people we know, this illusion of knowing air-brushed 'have-it-alls' can make… Continue reading Do You Have an Inferiority Complex?

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When I was ten years old, my father posed the following question to me: "The story or the warrior, which is mightier?" "The warrior!" I replied." My father shook his head in disagreement. "The story. The story is mightier than the warrior," he said to me. "How can that be?" I asked him. "The story… Continue reading BROADENING THE STORY; WE DID IT.

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Broadening the story; Why there are no historical buildings or monuments in sub-Saharan Africa!

Until the end of 16 century, Africa was far more advanced than Europe in terms of political organization, science, technology and culture. That prosperity continued, despite the European slavery ravages, till the 17th and 18th century. The continent was crowded with tens of great and prosperous cities, empires and kingdoms with King Askia Toure of… Continue reading Broadening the story; Why there are no historical buildings or monuments in sub-Saharan Africa!

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The word MA’AT means, “THAT WHICH IS STRAIGHT, RIGHT, TRUE, SINCERE AND HONEST. Also MA’AT is the principle connected in the ancient symbol of The Ancient Egyptian Order, the pyramid with the LOTUS FLOWER in the center surrounded by THE THREE SUNS OF THE TRIAD OF TIME.THE THREE POINTS OF THE PYRAMID ARE THE THREE… Continue reading MAAT