Vibration Deflation

Our circle of existence continues to shrink as our heretofore taken-for-granted basic freedoms – the right to work and earn a living, the joyful celebrations of life we share with our loved ones, travel, holidays and even the air we breathe! are being taken away from us. I want to opt out of this BS. I bet you know the feeling.

Compliance NEVER brought freedom. If we would preserve our most fundamental freedoms we MUST refuse. Compliance equates to disconnection and we know now how pivotal it is that we connect and form a cohesive resistance to the unravelling of our world. We must refuse to feed the system – with our fear and our compliance.

The disconnection that has been engineered and being implemented daily is not only trying to separate us from our fellow humans, but its intent is to disconnect us from Source (God, the larger consciousness system, Tao, the Nameless One). Cohesion is the force of love – the force keeping everything from spinning out into the empty nothingness of space.