The Fourth Monkey; the true wise man

There is an ancient adage and image that depicts the thinking and being of people through a series of archetypal monkeys; Hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil.

Commonly known as The Wise Monkeys or The Three Wise Monkeys they are typically depicted sitting next to each other in a row. One covers its eyes, blinding itself. The second covers its ears, deafening itself. The third covers its mouth, gagging itself. Of these supposedly wise monkeys, none seem much the wiser for its ignorance. In fact, each character is hampering itself and its experience of its surroundings – of truth and information – in one way or another. And yet this adage of ‘wisdom’ is still widely accepted.

What most people don’t realize, however, is that the depiction of these ‘Three Wise Monkeys’ is a deliberately incomplete narrative; there is actually a fourth Wise Monkey that is seldom depicted in western interpretation. Representing the virtue ‘fear no evil’, the fourth monkey sits with its arms folded over its abdomen. It is the patriot who, fearing no evil, questions information to learn and share it with others, in order that all may progress. It is indeed the only of the monkeys that shows any wisdom at all!

The four wise monkeys are reflective of the four archetypal reactions to information. In an oligarchical society, such as ours, which is structured to benefit a few at the expense of many, idiots shut their eyes to all information that puts this reality in their face and simply refuse to learn. Zealots fervently support the official narrative; they close their ears and do not hear what’s really going on, but tend to keep speaking nonetheless. Elitists keep their mouths shut and do not disclose what is seen and heard, understanding what is happening but opting rather for silence. Patriots, the least common of the monkeys, use all their senses; they observe but do not react in fear.

It is no wonder the fourth monkey has been all but deleted from the archetypal presentation of the wise monkeys adage. He is the only truly wise monkey of the four, the patriot. The fourth wise monkey faces the truth without fear, a distinct contrast to the other three, apparently frightened monkeys. It is an old example of a missing whole truth and a partial presentation. The absence is normally unconsidered or trivial, but helps to point out the very lesson of the wise monkeys maxim.

The Matrix of Four

By observing and questioning actuality, without fear, the patriot poses a distinct threat to the status quo. Institutions can easily influence the three monkeys to their advantage, through the manipulation of information, but they cannot use the fourth monkey in the same way. Institutions delete and distort any notion of such, as they view it as opposition to their agenda of information suppression — and because they themselves are afraid. That is why they operate in the shadows, hide their true actions and attempt to delete the truth. The fact is, the mentality of the fourth monkey – fear no evil – frightens the crap out of institutions! And fear is not just propagated by those institutions but is also a driving motivator used within their own ranks; patriotism is of course, not welcome there either.

Within and without their own ranks, institutions seek to isolate and disempower true patriotism by distorting and confusing its meaning, and eliminating the notion altogether by instilling nationalistic ‘you’re either for us or against us’ thinking – which is simply elitism dressed up in patriots clothing. Today, government and media institutions have attempted to delete the notion of true patriots and transform our understanding of ‘patriotism’ into flag-waving idiocy, war-minded zealotry, and hyper-collectivist elitism.

Why? Powerful institutions would prefer that the public sees anyone who opposes those institutions as only zealots, idiots and elitists claiming to be patriots. Institutions prefer to keep true patriots mixed up with the others in the way the public perceives them, for when the voice of patriotic opposition is heard only among the voices of zealots and idiots, it is much easier for institutions to hide behind preconceptions and disinformation.

In an information war, they work both sides… the guilty can be made to look like victims and the victims to look guilty, sabotaging the clear passage of truth… By allowing ourselves to be manipulated, we make it easy for them to subjugate, infiltrate, divide and conquer. 

One of the main ways that opposition is controlled and absorbed into the background by those in power, is to create another system that appropriates it. An example offered by George Orwell in 1984 was the adoption by the Inner Party of ‘Big Brother’ as the human image to represent them via the Telescreen. Big Brother does not reflect the patriotic spirit of brotherhood, or of The Brotherhood, rather it provides an ‘official’ narrative while appropriating and misrepresenting the notion of brotherhood into a ‘brand name’ of the Telescreen — one that instils a psychology of collectivism, not brotherhood, which is a big difference indeed.

Today, institutions transfer and confuse words and ideas in the same manner, mixing up themselves, their policies and their products, with patriotic ideas and words. The ‘Patriot Act’ is the perfect example of the modern era. Quite simply, they take the meaning of words and archetypes, and flip them. Deleting patriots, and the notion of ‘fear no evil’, from the socio-political narrative is a tried and tested way of the controlling elite to subjugate the society it rules. Idiots and zealots don’t question it, and elitists help to propagate it.

“A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be.” ~ Albert Einstein

Observe reality and openly communicate with others about the nature of the conditions around you. By observing and speaking without fear, you will find what is hidden, by way of what is already known.

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