I can’t breathe; can you?

It’s not the rulers. It’s the worship, fear of, and adherence to rulers and the loss of true selfhood that this all stems from. You get what you pay for. Everybody knows that. We just don’t like stuff when it applies to ourselves. It’s always the other guy or something external. That may sound morose, fatalist or even escapist to some but it’s the truth. and we don’t like the truth, unless it suits our perceived needs.
Does that sound harsh? That’s just how raw truth sounds to those in love with their dream state and prefer not to be woken up. We can blame circumstances all we want. Until we dig deep and find what all of this external stuff is attaching to and easily manipulating within us, this cycle will wash, rinse and repeat. The external is an extension of what’s within. You may have to wrestle with that one for a while but it’s true.
Humanity has been coerced to be reactive, unfortunately or perhaps inevitably, crippled humanity was ripe for this.
I don’t know about you, but I know the buck stops here. Until we’re willing to truly wake up, this illusion will continue to keep its foothold. Scream against the machine all you want, you’re missing the point.

And Why All This?

That’s a sort of sacred question. “Why” never has a true answer as it’s based in the rational mind. Give it any meaning or excuse you want. That’s what we do when we cower from real truth to distance ourselves from facing ourselves. I battle the same shit you do.
If I were to guess in the rational realm, perhaps the “reason” is to purge and purify and reveal the majesty of life, as life resolutely does day in and day out in the resounding natural world around us.

In nature there is no fear of death or controllers. Nature just is.

But what else can burn off the dross of willful ignorance other than the fires of intense adversity? I don’t know, but that’s perhaps part of it. We can only identify cycles, rhythms, and repeated patterns to learn from. Your conjecture is as good as mine but what underlies remains.
We each are the only experience we’ll ever know, however we paint the external.
“Who” then are we? Have we even bothered to find that out yet, beyond this shallow shell of constant programmed action and re-action?

Until we do, this will continue. Individually and collectively.