Are you a privileged human?

Please take a few minutes and find out because this letter is addressed to you.

You are a privileged human if;

  • You have stocked your fridge with food to last you a month during this coronavirus period,
  • You have stocked your pantry with dry foods to last you a week or a month
  • You are working from home with a laptop,
  • You worry that you have chipped nail polish and that you can’t fix your hair now that hair salons are closed
  • You own a car (s), use a taxi or are picked from home and dropped by the office car
  • You live in a gated community or have 24-hour security at your home,
  • You miss hanging out or with the boys or girls for drinks.
  • You spend at least 3 hours a day on social media tweeting, tiktoking or taking filtered pictures for the gram.
  • Your biggest worry right now is inconsistent internet or a disruption to your power supply, Or that your zoom meetings are taking too long, or that you had to cancel your planned Easter holiday.

There’s nothing wrong with this because it is important to do what makes you happy; However, you need to be aware that you are among the privileged, fortunate or lucky people in the human race.

The Kenyans you see being brutally beaten by the police on the streets are not lazy, ignorant or difficult. They just want to earn a decent living providing for their families. They are not out there wanting to catch the coronavirus covid-19 or looking to provoke the police, they are going to labor for hours to get that KSh100 bob to buy flour and vegetables for their children to eat and survive just for that day.

By throwing teargas into a crowd, the police just ensured that hundreds, if not thousands of poor Kenyans aggressively rubbed their faces. In the age of Covid-19, this act may have doomed them all.


Some have to walk  to  work as they cannot afford  public transport. Others have no option but to use the public transport despite knowing the danger that lies in holding onto that bus rail, seating shoulder to shoulder with a stranger or even touching money that could be contaminated, but they have no other option.

They die if they do and die if they don’t.

It’s either they go work for that dollar and unfortunately catch the coronavirus and get whipped and kicked by police or stay home and die of starvation. Unlike you, coronavirus covid-19 is the least of their problems. I know this might seem too contrived to comprehend, but its true.

So what am I saying?  Realize just how privileged you are and use what you have to help those who have less than you do. When they can’t feed their families they will come for your food.

Also, just in-case you didn’t know, they are the majority.



You can help stop coronavirus in its tracks