The science of archaeology, paleontology, and genetics has all proved beyond any doubt that human life originated in Africa. They have all shown that the first humans that ever lived have lived in Africa. See using DNA to trace human origin and migration.

Noah must have been a blackman, Moses must have been a blackman, down to Jesus the messiah. Again, note that this is the conclusion of science, not my conclusion. Humanity originated in Africa, and from here we traveled to Arabia, Europe, Asia, South and North America, Australia.

The question is not whether ancient Hebrews and biblical characters were blacks, it’s not even up for debate because there’s overwhelming evidence for that, both in science and the bible itself. The question we should be asking is; why was black history stolen?.

Who stole black history?. Why was black history stolen?

does it matter if Adam and Eve were blacks?. Others will ask; does it matter if Jesus was black?.

The brainwashing and subduing of black people began the moment our history was stolen by Rome. It was from then on that blacks were brainwashed to believe the white supremacist mindset that have got us thinking whites are the “be all and end all”. From then on white supremacists and brainwashing Euro-centric education started coining new worlds to make us hate ourselves. Words and phrases that were coined and still being coined to humiliate the black race includes; black day, blackguard, black sheep, black mood, black widow, blackmail, black money, blacklist, black Thursday, black marketeer, blackhead, blackball, black market, black out, black death, black maria, black knight, black Monday, black spot, black economy, black ice, black look, black magic, black mark, black ops, blackout, blackjack, black hole, blackleg, black Wednesday, blackboard jungle, black eye, black mass.

Basically, everything bad was to be associated with blackman/satan. While words like; White lie, white magic, white list, e.t.c were associated with goodness/whiteman. You see, the hatred against the black race is DEEP rooted in their gene and consciousness!

Slavery wasn’t just physical. Slavery was also mental and in order to achieve mental slavery, one of the mischievous thing white people did was that they made sure historical characters associated with greatness were renamed to white people. When the Napoleon army conquered Egypt in 1789 AD, he went as far as destroying artifacts and structures suggesting black civilization in Egypt.

Even till today, historical black characters are still being cast in Hollywood movies as white people. Till today, historical blacks are still being presented in books and magazines as white people.

Despite, Pythagoras studying mathematics in Africa many centuries before Isaac Newton, Blackman gets no credit for the invention and development of mathematics. Instead, western scholars treat Pythagoras as a myth, simply because he said he studied mathematics in Africa.

As a result, white man subconsciously considers blackman as an inferior race that contributed nothing or lacks the capability to contribute to the world’s development, when in reality blackman created the world. Blackman on the other hand subconsciously accepts the reality history has placed upon him. The effect becomes inferiority complex on the part of blackman, and superiority complex for whiteman. This is what is fueling racism!.

Black people must reclaim our position on this earth, cause the truth is blackman created the world!. If we do not take action, one million years in future, someone is going to teach our children in school that Martin Luther King was a whiteman!.

If we do nothing now, someone is going to teach our descendants that Nelson Mandela was a whiteman!.

You might find this funny, but it’s not funny at all. Rather, it’s something to be sober about.

. Jesus Christ is already successfully presented as a white man.

. Hannibal is already being successfully presented as white king.

. Adam and Eve is already successfully presented as whites.

. Europe is already being successfully presented as origin of education when in fact the first university on earth was in Mali, Africa.

. Bill Gates is already successfully presented as the richest man ever lived, when Mansa Musa of Mali is the wealthiest man ever lived.

. Sumerians has already successfully been presented as inventors of mathematics, when in fact their ancestors studied mathematics in Africa.

. Credit has already been successfully given to Europe for sciences, when in fact it took deep knowledge of Physics, geometry, and mathematics, to build the Egyptian pyramids.

. Credit has already been given to a Mungo Park as the discoverer of the river Niger, when in fact Mungo Park employed the services of Africans to shows him the routes to the river Niger. The list is endless.